Saturday, December 3, 2011

MSDM: Developing Employees

Defining Career Development
            Career development is not a one-shot training program or career-planning workshop. Rather. It is an ongoing organized and formalized effort that recognizes people as a vital organizational resource. An organization must make career development a key business strategy if it intends to survive in an increasingly competitive and global business environment.
Career Development: A Consideration of Challenges
Although most businesspeople today agree that their organizations should invest in career development, it is not always clear exactly what form this investment should take. Before putting a career development program

MSDM: Employee Training

The Managerial Perspective
As the opening vignette suggests, successful organizations and managers view employee training as an investment in their people, not an expense. This chapter examines key training issues and the training process, identifies the major types of training available, and explores how to evaluate the effectiveness of training.
Core Issues
The Men’s Warehouse training program illustrates some of the important training issues facing today’s organizations. Specifically:
·         How can training keep pace with a changing organizational environment?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Manajemen Waktu
Kebanyakan dari kita belum bisa atau bahkan mungkin belum mengerti tentang memanajemen waktu atau mengatur waktu. Terutama buat para mahasiswa dan pelajar nih yang sering berantakan waktunya
Tapi yang bikin gue heran kebanyakan dari mereka ngerasa kalau mereka sudah berhasil me-manage waktu mereka dan sudah efisien *what???*